Chiropractors are back doctors and also more than just back doctors. They use what is called a chiropractic adjustment to align the bones in your spine to take pressure off surrounding tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. This misalignment is called a subluxation. Subluxation can be a nagging type or have dire long reaching, long term consequences. A chiropractic adjustment can be hands only or can use special tables to traction, or separate compressed spinal segments to release tension and create space in your spine so your vertebral discs and bone structures have more room to move. This chiropractic adjustment releases the pressure surrounding spinal nerves. Back Doctors , Chiropractors release the pressure that is very often the cause of Low back pain, Mid back pain and Neck pain, or sciatic pain. Chiropractors are back doctors that are licensed as health care providers in every U.S. state and dozens of countries around the world. The chiropractic curriculum takes four years to complete and includes extensive classroom, lab hours, and a clinical residency program. Droctor Kevin O'Hara received his doctorate from Palmer Collage of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. The birth place of chiropractic and the worlds leading chiropractic learning institution and chiropractic research facility. Arlington Heights chiropractor Dr. Kevin O’Hara specializes in Family Chiropractic, “Whole Health for the Whole Family” our chiropractic wellness center is at the border of Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect.

Comparison of Hours of Basic Sciences Education in Medical and Chiropractic Schools


Subject Hours % of Total Hours % of Total
Anatomy 570 40 368 31
Biochemistry 150 11 120 10
Microbiology 120 8 120 10
Public Health 70 5 389 24
Physiology 305 21 142 12
Pathology 205 14 162 14
Total Hours 1,420 100 1,200 100

Comparisons of the Overall Curriculum Structure for Chiropractic and Medical Schools


Basic science hours 1,460 29% 1,200 26%
Clinical science hours 3,406 71% 3,467 74%
Chiropractic science hours 1,975 41% 0 0%
Clerkship hours 1405 29% 3,467 74%
Total Contact Hours 4,822 100% 4,667 100%

Source for both above charts: Center for Studies in Health Policy, Inc., Washington, DC. Personal communication of 1995 unpublished data from Meredith Gonyea, PhD.

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