Arlington Heights Sciatica Pregnancy Relief

With the extra weight and forward translation of that weight in expecting mothers, a condition called sciatica often torments the mother to be. We see this every day in our Arlington Heights Chiropractic Office. The forward weight of the baby pulls the vertebra forward and changes the angle at which Mom's back  sits. This change in the Lumbar vertebra position puts pressure on the discs and nerves in the back causing , pain, radiation and just an over all pain in the Butt (excuse the pun). By releasing the pressure build up in Mom's lower back and opening the disc space , the nerves have more room and are not getting squished. This relieves the pressure and the problem.  Depending on your body make up, how far along you are and the severity of your problem will dictate the length of relief you get. The procedure if safe for both Momma and baby. We traction the lower back with easy, gentle movements and relief is felt right away in most cases. I am a Father of seven children and it never failed my wife and it won't fail you. Waiting is just silly when relief can be yours after a phone call. I am the Arlington Heights Chiropractor who will help you get relief, fast, honest, and effective treatment.

O'Hara Family Chiropractic offers relief for Sciatica  during Pregnancy and its' Causes.  Our Office is centrally located, convenient and easy to get to. The Arlington Heights Chiropractor of Choice for Sciatica Pregnancy Relief Treatment.

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