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Arlington Heights Chiropractor, and the staff at O'Hara Family Chiropractic take great pride in utilizing modern chiropractic techniques and technologies. With advances in chiropractic medicine, services are safer, more comfortable and less invasive. See our testimonial page. But what is Chiropractic? The Short version is this: The removal of  nervous system interference by the alignment of spinal joints. Giving relief to low back pain, mid back pain, sciatic pain, and neck pain. The interference of these signals from your brain via the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system can also cause pain and dysfunction in shoulders, arms, hands, feet, fingers, toes, and that is just on the outside of you. Hampered signals cause an alarming amount of issues with internal organs as well including, thyroid issues, digestion, blood pressure, head ache, heart disease.  This interference is referred to as a subluxation. Take away the interference and take away the pain and dysfunction of the body. This is the true meaning of chiropractic care. Aligning the spine to rid the body of nervous system interference.

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