Arlington Heights Chiropractor Corrective Exercises/Rehabilitation 

Every patient is different.

This is why your Dr. Kevin O'Hara writes a custom exercise/rehabilitation program for each patient. This will strengthen and correct the individual's unique problem. By investing minutes a day into your own rehabilitation significant and timely process can be made. Often these can be done in the comfort of your own home or office and lead to a more effective spinal or extremity correction. See our web site labeled Exercises for examples. In the addition to osseous (Bone)  misalignment, muscle and connective tissue can become displaced or strained. This can lead to improper alignment, which leads to dysfunction. For ease and convenience, individual exercise protocol can be accessed via the Internet. So if you forget your routine or how to do a particular exercise, patients can access our online video library for simple, easy to follow instruction or clarification.  With guidance from Dr. O'Hara, Chiropractic adjustments and Rehab our your specific issue great results are possible. 847-577-3597. 

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