Arlington Heights  Mid Back Pain Treatment Clinic

Mid back pain is most likely exacerbated by a subluxation (misalignment) in your neck or low back. Your spine is segmented and acts in conjunction with all the bones that create it. If one segment is misaligned or not doing what it is supposed to do then there must be a compensation some where to make up for the segmental dysfunction. Muscle tightness and nerve pain will also add to the problem. Now add in poor posture, stress or trauma and you have a recipe for prolonged pain and discomfort. Chiropractor in Arlington Heights, Dr. Kevin O'Hara will evaluate your condition using a series of orthopedic tests and Range of Motion tests to diagnose your issue. He will then offer a treatment plan and a course of action to end your issue without the use of surgery or medication. Non invasive chiropractic techniques are gentle safe and highly effective. Spinal decompression therapy is used by Dr.O'Hara and results are achieved with the utmost care. Emergency appointments are available. We've Got Your Back.  

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