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Arlington Heights Chiropractor Kevin O’Hara and his Arlington Heights Chiropractic Wellness Center know that Lower Back Pain Right side can rage from Chronic back pain to Severe back pain to just annoying back pain right side. There can be many, many causes for lower back pain right side and if you think it’s just going to go away you are mistaken. The most common cause of back pains can be directly traced to the vertebral misalignment of the patient’s spine. In short, your spine is not lined up the way it is supposed to be. The causes of lower back pain right side are vast and wide. So the real question is why does it hurt and how do you fix lower back pain right side. I hear this daily as the Arlington Heights Chiropractor. The back is meant to work in a certain way, including muscles, ligaments, vertebral discs and bones. The simplistic version is that all these elements have to work in conjunction with one another and do the jobs that they were intended to do. If one of these elements is off it will throw the whole structure into turmoil, dysfunction and disease (subluxation). Your body usually compensates for this dysfunction for a period of time but it can only cover for so long before the machine starts to break down. This is where your lower back pain right side rears its ugly head. But with good back pain management you will find back pain relief. This is what I offer as an Arlington Heights Chiropractor in my Arlington Heights Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Lower Back Pain Right side Solution:

O’Hara Family Chiropractic in Arlington Heights, IL is your Chiropractor in Arlington Heights. By realigning the spine and bringing back correct function to your lower back pain right side, you will find relief. Discs, nerves, muscles all can contribute to your condition and the realignment of your spine is the first step in long term low back pain relief. Don’t ignore the pain any longer; Lower back pain right side relief is a phone call away. “I deal with this issue on a daily basis and I have never had a patient not attain relief in some fashion during a course of treatment.” Arlington HeightsChiropractor Dr. Kevin O’Hara is "highly recommended and highly effective". Chiropractic adjustment does not need to scare anyone. Dr. O’Hara uses gentle, careful chiropractic techniques to relief Lower back pain Right side without jarring or forceful racking of the spine, neck or back.

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