Chiropractor in Arlington Heights Defines Hip Pain

Hip Pain is a vague description of a specific problem. It has been my experience, as the Arlington Heights Chiropractor, that what most people refer to as their hip is actually their Ilium. This pain usually comes from a subluxation in the Lumbar spine. The misalignment in your lower back has a profound effect on your “hips” (ilium). Pain can range from aching, to stabbing, to debilitating. Most causes of “Hip” pain do not originate in the hip, but are referred there from another area. This is why it is important to have a Chiropractic evaluation to determine the true source of your pain. Uneven hips are very common, and in most cases pretty straight forward to fix. Acetabular pain, or femoral head pain, (these make up the actual hip) can be of another variety of degeneration. This also must be evaluated, most often by an MRI or x-ray, to determine if osteo degeneration is to a point of no return. Regardless of your pain and location, you must get it evaluated. Waiting won’t improve your chances of avoiding treatment, it will only prolong it. Call the office if you have any questions.


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