Spinal Decompression Therapy 

Spinal Decompression therapy has been a topic of discussion lately in our Arlington Heights Chiropractic office and I have had a number of patients , both old and new, call the office and ask if I do this therapy. They also are curious about what it is, what it is for and what are the benefits. Spinal decompression therapy is a tractive, low force chiropractic adjustment that increases the disc space between vertebra. The disc space in a healthy back and neck is a spacer, or cushion the keeps the vertebra mobile and up and off the nerves that exit the spinal chord at those particular spinal levels. When this space is compromised or decreased, pressure is put on the local spinal nerves thusly influencing how they act. This increased pressure includes pain, (often debilitating) tightness, and lack of motion. These are the beginnings of degenerate osseous spinal conditions. Conditions such as spinal stenosis, sciatica, bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis are the result of this dysfunctional disc space. The pain that accompanies theses conditions goes without saying. Spinal decompression therapy is another “fancy name” for what some chiropractor have been doing for years. (including me).  Cox Chiropractic technique the gold standard for this treatment and its leading researcher. By increasing the affected disc space, relief of the afore mentioned conditions ensues. Spinal decompression opens disc spaces. If you would like to see this highly effective and minimally invasive therapy in action, call the office.  

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