by Kevin O'Hara 

Well winter is here and it is going to be for some time. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up when it comes to shoveling snow. Now I am assuming that your doctor has cleared you to shovel. Now if you have been on the couch all year and want to head out and crank off the driveway before the hawks game starts I want to say "HOLD THE PHONE!" if you are not in any condition to partake in such a vigorous expulsion of energy I caution you. Hire the neighbor kid who is looking for a few dollars to earn. It's better than the alternative. Like a heart attack, a strained back, neck shoulder…ECT.

So now that you have been cleared by your Doctor and are ready to go here is my advice. Warm up. Take a few laps up and down the drive. Don't smoke or drink alcohol or caffeinate. All these are constrictors to your vascular system and could very well lead to a heart attack. Especially if you are out of shape, over weight, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a cardiac issue or any health issues. Come on now, common sense, please. Again, the neighbor kid, give him / her a job. Dress for the weather, it's cold out you know. Save your back. Use the right shovel, lightweight push style. Push the snow, don't throw it. Bend at the knees, not your back. If you have to lift the snow use your legs with a straight back and for your own sake don't twist and throw it. Be careful of ice, wear proper footwear, take frequent breaks and don't hold your breath if you bend down. I'll be posting a video "How To…" in the next few weeks so keep a look out. Let me know how it goes.

Dr. Kevin

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