Start Rockin’ in the Free World— for Your Health!

by Dr. Kevin O’Hara D.C.

You should play guitar. Yes, you should— or bass, or violin, or piano— or something. Over the years in my musical journey, I’ve received much appreciative feedback from people that sometimes lament, “Oh, I wish I would have learned an instrument when I was a kid.” What? As a kid?! You’re still breathing, aren’t you? Maybe I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, but what’s to stop you from picking up an instrument now? Nothing. So do it. Start today! Ask a friend, a neighbor, a relative— someone you know most likely has a guitar collecting dust under the bed or in a closet. Borrow it, because they would probably love for someone to put it to good use— believe me. 

So where do you start? Online video tutorials: the best musicians’ resource there is. If I would have had it when I was starting out, I could have learned faster and more efficiently than putting on Rush and Kiss records, trying to teach myself by listening to a language I didn’t understand. But I wanted to play, so I spent hour upon hour in the bedroom with my guitar and a turntable. I even stacked quarters on the needle’s arm in an attempt to slow down the record in order to pick apart the song’s notes and chords.… Ok, so that’s archaic, but I digress.

Do a search for “beginning guitar” or “beginner guitar lessons”. Any song you can think of is most likely out there with someone that has posted a tutorial to guide you. Type in a song name with the word “tutorial” after it and there it will be. Private lessons at no cost: anytime; anywhere. The joy of music can, and will, save your soul. 

My wife is often jealous that I have the ability to disappear into my music and decompress effortlessly. I can’t explain it, but take my advice: find a guitar or other musical instrument. Your life is about to become exponentially fuller and richer. If you start today, you could be playing by the end of the week. It is that simple. Your health, happiness and well-being can be forever changed in the most positive way. 

If you want to see my work live and/or have questions, I play every other Friday evening at Harry’s of Arlington during the summer. This will be my 6th year. So as Pete Townsend says, “Pick up your guitar and play”. Rock on!

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