Middle Back Pain Defined


Middle back pain or mid-back pain typically involves the spinal vertebra, the spinal disc, soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons) or strain of the area. Spinal vertebra are the bones that make up your spinal column. The spinal disc acts as a shock absorber between the bony structures.  If your head is held in a forward posture the muscles in your neck and middle back have to change the way they conduct their business. For every inch of forward posture of your neck,  you add about 10 pounds to the weight of your head. It’s all physics. So if your head weights about 20 pounds and you have an anterior head carriage (forward head translation) of 3 inches the muscles in your neck and middle back now have to deal with an extra 30 pounds. These muscles are not designed for this and over the course of time can’t take the strain. The first thing they do is spasm and try to stay as tight as possible so your head does not move any further forward.  Almost all middle back pain and mid back pain has some element of forward head translation.  Tight, aching, burning, pinching middle back pain or mid back pain is often the manifestation of forward head translation, or anterior head carriage. Think of those middle back and neck muscles as cables holding up a bridge. More weight, more tension. If you move the whole structure of your middle back forward just a little you can have an enormous impact on way your middle back moves in relationship to your head. Through the use of Chiropractic adjustment Dr. O’Hara can offer middle back pain relief or mid back pain relief. Very often the patient gets middle back pain relief after the first chiropractic adjustment. Call our Arlington Heights Chiropractic Clinic and set up a consultation. Dr. O’Hara, Back Doctor in Arlington Heights,  will determine if you are a candidate for middle back pain relief , mid back pain relief through the Chiropractic adjustment. 

Arlington Heights Chiropractor Dr. Kevin O’Hara offers middle back pain relief and mid back pain relief daily at his Arlington Heights Chiropractic clinic.  

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