A painful injury that may become chronic if not treated, osteoarthritis of the knees and hips can be improved by an appointment to see Dr. O'Hara, your Arlington Heights chiropractor, today. Chiropractic care is very beneficial to those experiencing the pain of osteoarthritis.

Signs of hip and knee osteoarthritis includes an increasing pain in the hip area that may move into the groin area and be accompanied by shooting pain that travels down the thighs as well as pain in the knee joints. In both instances, pain is experienced in the knees first, while some patients don’t even notice the hip pain until later. Pain often increases in colder weather or during exercise

Chiropractic treatment effectively reduces the pain felt in knee and hip osteoarthritis. For example, a gentle spinal adjustment can return the spinal column to proper alignment, positively affecting the hip joints, which are connected to the spine. Chiropractors also incorporate stretching, massaging, gentle manipulating of painful joints, and using ultrasound to heal the injured areas. Even though hip and knee osteoarthritis is currently incurable, chiropractic treatment is able to effectively manage the malady and lessen the pain.

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