Arlington Heights Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain may be caused by a number of factors. Trauma, stress, weight, arthritis can all be the reason. In my experience as a Chiropractor in Arlington Heights I have found that there is always an underlying factor. Joint misalignment is always involved. The femur must line up properly with the tibia and fibula. These bones are connected by ligaments that keep the whole joint complex together. Between these bones is a cushion known as the meniscus. The meniscus acts as a buffer between the bones of your knee and has a tendency to ware out in time. This occurs naturally and is advanced if the knee has been put through extensive use, like sports.  Chiropractic can have a great impact on knee pain by assuring proper articulation of the joint and in cases of lost meniscus space, provide needed space. A proper evaluation is always warranted for precise diagnosis. Chiropractor in Arlington Heights, Dr. Kevin O'Hara will put you through a comprehensive knee evaluation and determine the cause. Advanced imaging may be indicated. Don't rush to surgery before you try conservative care.

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