Sciatica Pain Causes

Sciatic Pain comes from irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the merging of the 4th , 5th,spinal nerves with the 1st and 2nd sacral nerves. Impingement anywhere along the pathways of these nerves can cause pressure resulting in pain, discomfort, and most often a change in one’s gait. This pain can be a general nuisance to completely debilitating. Taking the pressure off the nerve relieves the symptoms. I do this by using gentle effective spinal decompression. Back pain and radiating leg pain are the hallmarks of this injury and chiropractic is the answer you are looking for. Stop procrastinating and get relief today. At our Arlington Heights Chiropractic Office we treat and get results for our Sciatic Pain patients. Check our reviews. Emergency appointments are available. "We've got your Back !"

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