Weight Loss and Chiropractic

by Kevin O'Hara D.C.

You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?" George Bernard Shaw.

I get people in the office weekly who lament the fact that they are overweight. Some want to loose the vanity ten pounds; Some need to loose 50 or more. Most express the difficulty in shedding the unwanted weight, and yes, it can be very hard. The following are a few tools that put you on the right path to success.

First off, begin with the end in mind. What are you trying to accomplish and why? Think about what you really want. This, my friends, is called a goal. Now write it down. That's correct, write it down. Commit it to paper. A goal that isn't written down is called a wish. Once a goal is written down it seeps into your psyche and begins to work on you from then inside out.

Now that you have a goal, how the heck do you get there? "I need to loose 50 pounds." Daunting, insurmountable, impossible… Yes it is if you think of it that way.  So my next point: How about loosing one pound this week? Simple. You eat a dozen doughnuts a day? Eat nine. Drink a twelve pack of beer? How about eight? Curb some of your behaviors. You want to loose 50 pounds, right? One pound a week is 52 pounds this year. One pound at a time will get you to your goal, whether it 50 or a 100 or 200 pounds.  And if you had a great week and lost four pounds, rock 'n' roll! You are now three weeks ahead of schedule! It can be that simple.

Set goals that you can accomplish Setting yourself up for success. If you want to loose five pounds this week, that's great, what if you don't succeed? "Gee I only lost two pounds, and I worked so hard." Then you feel bad, defeated. Now you're unmotivated. If you set goals realistically so you can achieve them, you would be celebrating your two pounds lost instead of beating yourself up for not reaching five. Success breeds success. That's what keeps the motivation train rolling.
Now you need people to keep you motivated and help navigate along your journey. Try a support group, whether is a weight-management group, church group or coffee group. They're there to help. Goals. Set them, achieve them and celebrate reaching them with people in your support circle. 

So to recap, what is your goal? Write it down in the following spaces.

I will loose __________ pounds by __________. That's one pound a week for _______weeks.

Congratulations, you have just moved from a wish to a solid goal! Keep it moving. List three things you can do to accomplish this goal.
Remember to set them so you can achieve them.

1)________________ 2)__________________3)_______________

Now list three groups or people you will seek help or advise from, one maybe you chiropractor or Primary Doctor.

1)_________________ 2)__________________3)_______________

  Now you're on your way! Best wishes for great success.

Dr. Kevin

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