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Search no further, you have found the Best Chiropractor in Arlington Heights.  Dr Kevin O'Hara is a Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate and was born and raised in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  His personal mantra is "Find It, Fix It, and Leave It Alone". Our goal is to help you, relieve your issue and get you back to your regular life. 

As a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, I am versed in the entire "Palmer Package". At Palmer we are trained in over seven techniques. This can include

Cox Flexion-Distraction (spinal decompression)

Toggle-Recoil, Upper Cervical
Thompson Segmental Drop 
Activator Method
Myofascial release and trigger point soft tissue protocols

We are honest, effective and affordable. You will tell your friends and family you finally found someone who can help you.

I look forward to helping you heal your health conditions, whether it be Back pain, Disc pain, Sciatica, Arm Pain, Neck Pain, Degenerative Disc disease, Bulging Discs and numbness. 

Call us today. "Maybe it will just go away" Does not work. But we will.

Make your appointment  now for your our availability. Emergency appointments are available same day. See you soon.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you.

-Dr. Kevin

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