Stiff Neck Defined

As an Arlington Heights Chiropractor, Stiff Neck Pain can come from any of a number of sources. But in nearly every instance we see a “subluxation”, or misalignment of the vertebrae in your neck or back, is the cause. When bones of your Spine are not in the correct alignment, muscles are activated to protect your body from further injury. They do this by becoming “stiff” or in technical terms, becoming a myospasm (muscle spasm). This allows your body to inhibit movement of the misaligned vertebrae. It does this to protect you from further injury. A “stiff neck” is never without cause or reason. There is always an underlying misalignment issue that must be addressed and corrected. Your Arlington Heights Chiropractor Dr. Kevin O’Hara does just that. He fixes the problem. Remember, a “stiff neck” will always escalate into a more serious problem like arm or shoulder pain, numbness in the arm or hands and it is easier to fix it before it becomes acute. Emergency appointments are available at O’Hara Family Chiropractic. Remember, "We’ve got your back"!

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